The Timeline

The timeline is an organization tool used to help keep me on track.


The grey boxes are what I need to do and how much time I gave myself for each step. The small orange bar shows what day it is. The big orange bar represents the presentation days for when I must present the final presentation to show are project. The white bar is final presentation practice.

As of writing this blog I am 1 day behind scheduled. I would place the problem to me missing a day and so I did not get to work on my project. 1 day of solid work should get me back on track.

In the next few weeks I will be finalizing level 2 and I will progress my work on the next levels. this can be vied by looking at my timeline and seeing level 2 is under production and the next levels are coming up.

That is what the timeline is used for and I can say it does help.

Propel Project Overview – Making A Video Game

My project is to make a video game, an open world 16-bit concept. Or it was. Let’s start at the beginning.

I came to Propel thinking I was going to make a full open world game and publish it. Everything started fine. I had an idea and I was ready to go. I started with my project idea activator which is to help us come up with ideas. I already had my idea. the next step, big picture goals plan the outline of your project. So, my big picture goals at this point are project make a video game, what reigns supreme is story and these are the goals.

  1. 16-bit video game
  2. open world
  3. fantasy theme
  4. one playable character
  5. less Npc’s
  6. birds eye view
  7. light background music
  8. intense boss music

Everything is still going good. Now time for proof of concept, my proof of concept is to make an elevator pitch and make a playable demo. All done, time for the conference with Mr. P and Mr. H at the conference the whole idea falls apart, it’s too big. My ideas don’t match up with what I’m saying. Mr. P gives me some new ideas and tells me to think about it overnight and we will continue in the morning.

The new project is to still make a video game, but smaller, a 2D puzzle plat-former with 5 levels and one level must be recreated with code because I am making the 5 levels a pre-built engine. This is what my new big picture goal is, the project is still make a video game, but what reigns supreme is now making a video game. These are the goals.

  1. 16-bit (SNES aesthetic) Puzzle video game – player can move character about a 2D map and interact with objects and NPC’s
  2. Game concept/story delivered in word document or elevator pitch
  3. 5 Puzzles of increasing difficulty
  4. 1 Puzzle built/recreated from code
  5. [charter goes through puzzles to get back stolen money]
  6. One playable character
  7. 6 Interactive NPC’s
  8. 10 different bad creatures
  9. Dynamic big music that matches tone of game
  10. Sprites have four animations with three frames each (12 total) – motion is fluid
  11. No bugs/glitches/crashes


Now what have I done so far? I have made my elevator pitch for this game. I have also started to program the character for the game and lastly, I have started story boarding for this game.

So, as you can see my game has changed for the better and I think this will be more productive and help me more for the future.


First impressions about propel

When I was first walking to the propel room I didn’t know what to expect, this was a new experience for me. As I walked in the room I looked around, and it looked like a dump. There was garbage on the floor the lights were off (probably to try and hide the garbage) and there were no chairs set up I had to grab one from the back. I’m thinking this is very strange, but I can deal with it. It takes awhile for everyone to show up. Maybe five after nine everyone has shown up. Then class to starts. We are told this is no longer are space and we will be going to see are new one later. We learn about propel for the morning and then we head to the new space.

We get there and it is also a dump. Mr.Hansen said “its still being worked on” and we get to help design it. There are two rooms that have been decided already. The music room and the computer lab. Mr. H and Mr. P say we can design the rooms the way we want. I instantly go to set up the computer room because I am a computer guy. At the end of they day the new space isn’t a complete disaster and it is usable for tomorrow.

The first week is re-calibrating us to the new learning style and week to is activating are minds. in those two weeks i learned a lot about propel and found it very fun and interesting. And for the first time in maybe ever sense starting school I actually couldn’t wait to come back.

As of writing this we are in week 3 and we are starting work on are projects. I have come up with new ideas for my video game i didn’t think possible, now they are. I am taking a different approach to my project all thanks to this program, Mr. Hansen, Mr, Patrician and the people hear.